Treating Blindness with HBOT • Orlando Hyperbarics Treating Blindness with HBOT • Orlando Hyperbarics
9 Oct. 2012

Treating Blindness with HBOT

Photo Credit: Independent News & Media Group

A young Irish man who was ready to get a guide dog can now see well enough to drive a car after receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Eric Lokko began to lose his sight at age 12 and was diagnosed with a hereditary condition called Leber’s optic neuropathy, a condition that leads to a loss of central vision as the eyes’ retinal cells degenerate. After many sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, Eric reports, “one eye is still coming back, it was just a slower process than the other one. It is a slow process but it is better than being blind.”

Source: Hogan, Louise, “Student who was legally blind can now drive, thanks to decompression therapy,”, June 6, 2012.

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