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5 Jun. 2012

Preventive Care and HBOT

How important is preventive care in wound management?

Statistics have shown that amputations of leg/foot of older diabetic Americans declined by 65 percent between 1996-2008 due to preventive care.

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy play a roll?

HBOT is a very successful adjunctive treatment to daily wound dressing, administration of antibiotics and surgical debridement (if necessary).
  •            Stopping further tissue damage and providing immediate high oxygen supply for tissue in  demand
  •            Promoting new tissue growth
  •            Improving infection control
  •            Enhancing immune systems response
  •            Increasing the effect of antibiotics
  •            Reducing swelling caused by inflammation
  •            Increasing the bone recovery
  •            Preparing tissue to accept skin grafts if necessary

  •            HBOT increases oxygen transport to wound area stopping further tissue damage
  •            HBOT speeds up wound healing by promoting growth of new capillaries – angiogenesis
  •            HBOT relieves pain by reducing inflammation and swelling
  •            HBOT reduces infection by eliminating bacteria directly and increasing capacity of white blood cell to fight infection
  •            HBOT reduces swelling which develops as a consequences of the infection, poor circulation and inflammation
  •            HBOT improves microcirculation and elimination of toxins in the blood
  •            HBOT enhances the effect of some antibiotics
  •            HBOT speeds up bone healing by osteogenesis (new bone growth) and osteoclast activity (removing necrotic “dead” bone) in osteomyelitis,
  •            HBOT prepares tissue and bone for grafting before surgery
  •            HBOT speeds up healing after surgery

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