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23 Oct. 2013

Oral Surgery After Radiation

When most people think of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) many believe it is only for divers who get the “bends”, excess nitrogen that forms bubbles in the blood during decompression.
However, HBOT is used for an array of aliments. Chambers are used to regulate the flow of oxygen and control air pressure. When patients take a “dive” into a chamber, they breathe 100% oxygen, which promotes new tissue and blood vessel growth while fighting infection.
For these reasons patients who undergo treatment for head and neck radiation for cancer were among the first to undergo HBOT therapy. When these patients need oral surgery they are more vulnerable to healing difficulties because of the effects of radiation on the jaw bone.  Many oral surgeons now require HBOT for these patients before surgery can be performed. HBOT speeds healing and increases the chance that oral surgery will be successful. 
Orlando Hyperbarics provides Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in a convenient and comfortable non-hospital facility. The center, located at 6200 Lee Vista Boulevard, Suite 250, Orlando, Florida 32822, is served by SR 436 and SR 528, easily accessed from Orlando International Airport, and located near Orlando’s Medical City in Lake Nona.
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