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5 Jun. 2015

Late Radiation Injuries

Are you a cancer survivor?  Were you treated with radiation? Do you have any of the following symptoms?

Cystitis-inflammation of the bladder causing frequent need to urinate.
Proctitis- inflammation of the rectum causing the sensation of the need to have a bowl movement.
Gastritis- inflammation of stomach lining causing abdominal pain
Dental Pain/ Teeth Requiring Extraction/ Dental Implant
Non Healing Wounds
Larynx Injury
Enterocolitis- inflammation of the digestive tract causing diarrhea and vomiting.

Well you may be suffering from whats called Late Radiation Injury. While many of these ailments have become less frequent as technology has improved, they do still occur. Once a patient is exposed to radiation they are at life long risk of being effected by the radiation. What happens is that the capillaries supplying the irradiated area become inflamed and this interfere with the normal processes of supplying blood. The tissue begins to manifest ischemic changes and may become necrotic.

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