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16 Jul. 2013

HBOT Helps Severe Anemia Patients

Acute blood loss, hemorrhages or anemia are characterized by a significant decrease in blood volume and red blood cells. Since red blood cells are the main carriers of oxygen in the body, anemia and blood loss can be serious. Lack of oxygen in blood cells causes hypoxia, which can harm organ function.
The brain and heart require a constant oxygen supply. With acute blood-loss anemia, oxygen deprived tissues cause all blood vessels to dilate and forces the heart to work faster. This reaction can cause cardiopulmonary congestion and congestive heart failure. The secondary oxygen carrier in the body is blood plasma. Unfortunately, plasma only has 2% of the carrier capacity of hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells that actually carries the oxygen).
Causes of anemia include genetics, large blood loss (such a traumatic injury), sickle cell anemia, enzyme abnormalities, platelet disorders, hemolytic-uremic syndrome and cancer therapies.  Those suffering from serve anemia may experience unconsciousness, increased respiratory and heart rate and kidney failure.
The treatment of severe anemia with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) helps increase the oxygen in the blood plasma. By breathing pure oxygen under higher ambient pressure, 20 times more oxygen is dissolved into the plasma. This will allow blood plasma to cover all immediate metabolic needs until red blood cells are restored.
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