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Thermal Burns

Medical Condition

Name: Thermal Burns

Alternative Names: Flash Burns, Contact Burns, Scalding Burns, Flame Burns

Associated Anatomy: Skin, Tissues and organs


Thermal burns can be caused by many factors including explosion of natural gases, ignition of an individual’s clothing by fire, exposure to flammable liquids and prolonged exposure to external heat. Thermal burns also occur when the body’s tissues come into contact with hot liquids, grease, oil and extremely hot metals, plastics or glass. Skin, tissues and organs that are subject to sources of intense levels of thermal heat

Symptoms of Thermal Burns

Sign or Symptoms:

The signs and symptoms of thermal burns are associated with the numbers of tissue layers that are injured and depend on the length of time and the intensity of the exposure. The extreme heat of a thermal burn causes capillary breakdown leading to the leakage of fluid into the surrounding tissue which causes swelling (edema) in and around the area of the burn. Continued exposure to the source of heat causes progressive damage to the capillaries and swelling progressively worsens and leads to lack of sufficient blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues.

Treating Thermal Burns or Treatment of Thermal Burns

Possible Treatment:

The goal of the treatment for thermal burn is associated with controlling the spread of injury and containing damage to a very localized area. In addition, it is vital that a rapid restoration of blood flow and improvement of oxygenation to the tissue occur for the optimization of recovery. Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HBOT) provides high levels of oxygen in a highly pressurized environment to force the oxygen into injured tissue where there is a lack of intact blood vessels / capillaries. In addition, HBOT leads to the permanent formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) that restore blood flow to the tissues for lasting vitality of the injured tissue.

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