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Plastic Surgery

Medical Condition

Name: Plastic Surgery

Alternate Names: Cosmetic Surgery

Associated Anatomy: Skin, soft tissues and muscles.


The need for plastic surgery may follow a disfiguring traumatic injury or it may result as an elective procedure by an individual wanting to enhance their general appearance.

Symptoms of Plastic Surgery

Sign or Symptoms:

The symptoms of plastic surgery are the same as those experienced by individuals who receive surgical intervention for any physical ailment or abnormality. The symptoms are usually related to the incisions created in the skin, soft tissues and sometimes muscle. These symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising and redness.

Treating Plastic Surgery or Treatment of Plastic Surgery

Possible Treatment:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been successfully used to decrease the healing times of tissues that have been disturbed through surgical intervention. In addition, some surgeons are recommending HBOT following plastic surgery. HBOT helps to relieve the reparative burden on the body and decreases energy requirements by providing high oxygen levels to all tissues which speeds recovery time and lessens stress on the body. As a result, our patients can quickly get back to enjoying life.

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