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General wound healing

Medical Condition

Name: General wound healing

Alternate Names: Post­Surgical wound healing, Wound treatment

Associated Anatomy: Skin, soft tissues and muscles.


Wounds of the skin and tissue occur when the skin is broken due to injury. A wound may be the result of a traumatic injury or infection. A wound may also be deliberately created during a surgical procedure. In any case, wound healing is a complex process that places the body under extreme increases in energy expenditure (increased metabolism). This increased energy requirement causes the body to utilize abnormally large amounts of oxygen, protein, and other essential dietary vitamins and minerals.


Symptoms of General wound healing

Sign or Symptoms:

The signs and symptoms of a wound can vary depending on the location and the cause of injury. The most common signs and symptoms include inflammation, pain, and bleeding.

Treating General wound healing or Treatment of General wound healing

Possible Treatment:

Wounds that occur as a result of traumatic injury or infection may require surgery to clean up the wound and close it. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to relieve some of the bodies increased energy expenditure by providing high oxygen levels to all tissues which speeds recovery time and lessens stress on the body. As a result, our patients can get back to enjoying what they like to do most.

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