Bone Infection - Osteomyelitis • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Bone Infection - Osteomyelitis • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Bone Infection

Medical Condition

Name: Bone Infection

Alternate Names: Osteomyelitis

Associated Anatomy: Bones


Most of the time bone infections are caused by staph type bacteria. Invasive procedures like bone surgery including hips and knees increase the risk for bone infection. In addition, any condition that interferes with the integrity of bone tissue or traumatic injuries like broken bones that protrude from the skin greatly increase the risk of bone infection. Wagner Grade 3 diabetic wound ulcers have also been known to increase a person’s risk for bone infection.

Symptoms of Bone Infection

Sign or Symptoms:

Symptoms of bone infection include fever, bone pain, swelling or redness at the site of infection. An open and draining wound may also provide evidence of bone infection.

Bone Infection

Treating Bone Infection or Treatment of Bone Infection

Possible Treatment:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is often used in conjunction with traditional surgery and antibiotic treat. HBOT is beneficial for individuals with bone infection because of its antimicrobial properties. Many of the species of staph that cause bone infections are anaerobic. This means that they do not do well in environments with high concentrations of oxygen. In addition, HBOT improves vital circulation to the site of injury by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels which decreases the inflammation and swelling and pressure responsible for tissue death.

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