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5 Dec. 2018

VA To Provide HBOT

VA to Provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Some Veterans with Chronic PTSD   On November 26th 2018, ...

18 May. 2017

Lejeune Veterans Are Eligible For Oxygen Therapy

Camp Lejeune veterans are eligible for oxygen therapy thanks in part to the efforts of a U.S. congr ...

20 Feb. 2017

PTSD | Senate Passed Bill for Free Oxygen Therapy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indiana Senate committee has passed a bill that looks to help Indiana vete ...

23 Dec. 2013

American Legion Post Makes Donation for TBI/PTSD Research at OSU

The American Legion Post in Braman made a donation this week toward Oklahoma State University resear ...

19 Nov. 2013

Study Shows HBOT for TBI/PTSD is Safe and Effective

The evidence is now conclusive: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for  TBI/PTSD and Post concussive syn ...

10 Jul. 2013

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  While it is an uncommon treatment for a common disorder, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being u ...

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