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28 Aug. 2014

Diabetic Wounds

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective treatment for diabetic wounds. By driving oxygen deep into ...

31 Jul. 2014

Radionecrosis (Delayed Radiation Injury)

Radionecrosis is a complication of cancer radiation therapy, especially from external beam radiation ...

24 Jul. 2014

Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of fire related deaths. Victims of smoke inhalation suffer ...

10 Jul. 2014

Clostridial Myonecrosis (Gangrene)

Clostridial Myonecrosis is a fast developing, highly lethal necrotizing (localized death of living t ...

20 Jun. 2014

Anoxia (Absence of Oxygen Supply)

Anoxia is a form of hypoxia where levels of oxygen in the blood become dangerously low. Anoxia cause ...

5 Jun. 2014

Actinomycosis (Lumpy Jaw)

Actinomycosis is an infection primarily caused by the bacterium Actinomyces israelii. The bacterium ...

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