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14 Aug. 2014

Near Drownings

Drowning is the second leading cause of unintended injury-related death among children under 14 year ...

20 Jun. 2014

Anoxia (Absence of Oxygen Supply)

Anoxia is a form of hypoxia where levels of oxygen in the blood become dangerously low. Anoxia cause ...

17 Apr. 2014

Exceptional Blood Loss (Anemia) and HBOT

Exceptional blood loss (anemia) is the loss of enough red blood cells to compromise sufficient oxyge ...

20 Aug. 2013

Allergy Symptoms Reduced with HBOT

Allergies affect more than half of the American population each year. These allergies can range from ...

11 Apr. 2013

Anoxia (Dangerously Low Oxygen Levels)

Anoxia is a form of Hypoxia in which levels of oxygen in the blood are dangerously low.  Anoxia ...

29 Mar. 2013

Preventing Amputations and its Long Term Costs

The lower extremities can be greatly affected by diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy can leave feet and le ...

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