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26 May. 2017

LeBron James Using Hyperbaric Healing

Some of the best basketball players in the world and people trying to heal wounds are trying to get ...

13 Jun. 2014

Why Choose Oxygen?

Oxygen is essential to our existence, as evidenced in the numerous conditions caused by oxygen defic ...

5 Jun. 2014

Actinomycosis (Lumpy Jaw)

Actinomycosis is an infection primarily caused by the bacterium Actinomyces israelii. The bacterium ...

29 May. 2014

Intracranial Abscess (Brain and Skull Infections)

An intracranial abscess is an accumulation of pus and other matter within the skull. Abscess formati ...

17 Apr. 2014

Exceptional Blood Loss (Anemia) and HBOT

Exceptional blood loss (anemia) is the loss of enough red blood cells to compromise sufficient oxyge ...

2 Apr. 2014

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation with Autism

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.  Evidence is accumulating that Autism Spectrum Disorde ...

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