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18 May. 2017

Lejeune Veterans Are Eligible For Oxygen Therapy

Camp Lejeune veterans are eligible for oxygen therapy thanks in part to the efforts of a U.S. congr...

12 Apr. 2017

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment not only for humans.

Two dogs burned in a Flagler County wildfire last month have been released from St. Francis Animal i...

31 Mar. 2017

A-Vascular Necrosis & HBOT

​Oxygen is essential to the viability of bone cells as well as to healing and rebuilding processes...

25 Mar. 2017

Joe Namath – Helping Those With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Namath spoke at the Head Injury Awareness and Prevention Celebrity Sports Forum at the New York Inst...

20 Feb. 2017

Stem Cell & Oxygen Therapy

Stemedix Inc., a U.S. based stem cell therapy group that specializes in the use of stem cells to t...

20 Feb. 2017

PTSD | Senate Passed Bill for Free Oxygen Therapy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indiana Senate committee has passed a bill that looks to help Indiana vete...

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