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13 Dec. 2013


Anoxia is a form of Hypoxia in which levels of oxygen in the blood are dangerously low.  Anoxia causes a lack of oxygen supplied to the body or to specific tissues or organs of the body. It is a serious condition and requires immediate emergency care.  When brain cells die within minutes of being deprived of oxygen, it is known as Cerebral Anoxia.

Anoxia can be caused by a lack of oxygen due to very high altitudes, when blood is not able to carry oxygen to tissues or organs, by the inability of the heart to distribute oxygenated blood or respiratory failure, inhibiting the ability to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream.
Certain groups carry a higher risk for Anoxia. Babies during childbirth and older adults at risk for a heart attack and stroke are more likely to experience Anoxia.  Symptoms include confusion, dizziness, labored or difficult breathing, altered thought process, unconsciousness and coma. Emergency medical care should be sought immediately.  Complications include amnesia, cardiac arrest, dementia, hallucinations, memory loss, confusion, seizures and vegetative state.
Treatment includes increasing oxygen supply and assistance with breathing. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Anoxia patients can increase oxygen levels, improve blood circulation and the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream.

Orlando Hyperbarics provides Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in a convenient and comfortable non-hospital facility. The center, located at 6200 Lee Vista Boulevard, Suite 250, Orlando, Florida 32822, is served by SR 436 and SR 528, easily accessed from Orlando International Airport, and located near Orlando’s Medical City in Lake Nona.
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