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12 Jun. 2012

21 Reasons HBOT Can Help You


  1.         HBOT significantly reduces swelling
  2.         HBOT significantly reduces edema
  3.         HBOT significantly shortens the inflammatory process
  4.      HBOT improves range of motion
  5.      HBOT increases the production of collagen
  6.      HBOT increases growth of cells that form reparative tissue (Fibroblastic proliferation)
  7.      HBOT supports scar tissue rehabilitation
  8.      HBOT promotes greater tissue strength
  9.      HBOT enhances the growth of new blood vessels (Angiogenesis)
  10.      HBOT increases oxygen levels in tissues (Hyperoxia)
  11.      HBOT increases oxygen perfusion area around wounds
  12.      HBOT stimulates new capillary growth
  13.      HBOT improves the survival of tissues in the ‘grey area’ of crush injuries
  14.      HBOT increases production and improves the action of Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts
  15.      HBOT improves bone regeneration for faster recovery
  16.      HBOT helps prevent infection
  17.      HBOT increases white blood cell production
  18.         HBOT enhances ability of white blood cells to remove bacteria and debris (Leukocyte activity)
  19.      HBOT potentiates the use of antibiotics
  20.      HBOT destroys harmful bacteria (Antimicrobial effect)
  21.      HBOT reduces surgery complications for smokers
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