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25 Oct. 2012

Radiation Necrosis – Radiation Injuries

Radiation is designed to kill tumor cells. More than 50% of all cancer patients receive some fo ...

21 Oct. 2012

Hyperbarics Lessen Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Iraq War Veteran

In 2009, Jeffrey Ruiz’s armed vehicle in Iraq was impacted by 46 IEDs (improvised explosive device ...

18 Oct. 2012

Patient Testimonial: Brain Injury

Life has been very busy, but I wanted to take the time to thank Orlando Hyperbarics for your service ...

10 Oct. 2012

After Numerous Unsuccessful Surgeries, HBOT Helps Gunshot Victim

Photo Credit: Fremont Tribune After Ashley Bunn was shot in the face multiple times by her ex-boyfri ...

9 Oct. 2012

Treating Blindness with HBOT

Photo Credit: Independent News & Media Group A young Irish man who was ready to get a guide ...

2 Oct. 2012

Counteracting the Effects of a Tragic Injury

Photo Credit: Mississauga.com 10-month-old baby Jesse fell into a pond in his grandparents’ b ...

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