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27 Jun. 2012

Orlando Hyperbarics Oxygen Supply

Our 3,000 gallon liquid oxygen cryogenic system being filled.  The fill hose is being drained t ...

26 Jun. 2012

Dermagraft for Wound Care

WHAT IS A DERMAGRAFT?A dermagraft is a cryopreserved human fibroblast derived dermal substitute. In ...

14 Jun. 2012

NFL, military partner to discuss brain injuries

Very interesting article with regard to how the NFL and Military are changing the point of view of i ...

12 Jun. 2012

21 Reasons HBOT Can Help You

          HBOT significantly reduces swelling         HBOT significantly reduces edem ...

7 Jun. 2012

Late Effects of Radiation

Introduction: Radiation is a therapeutic modality commonly used in the management of cancer. Althoug ...

6 Jun. 2012

Necrotizing Fasciitis and HBOT

In recent weeks we have seen many stories with regard to flesh eating bacteria, some of these storie ...

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