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After a MS exacerbation hospitalized me, leaving me with numbness in my hands and feet, I decided to do some research. I came across some information that shed light on hyperbaric therapy that might bring me relief. I spoke with Alan soon after and got more information and scheduled an appointment. Alan took the time to explain how the process would go and was able to address any concerns that I had. My first appointment went smoothly and to my surprise, there were great results! The numbness in my hands, where it was affecting me most, had subsided! I was excited about this, to say the least. The subsequent visits brought incremental improvement as well. I am sold on hyperbaric therapy as a way to get immediate and sustained relief for my MS-related symptom! If you are considering hyperbaric therapy for any reason, you would do yourself a disservice if you didn’t consider Orlando Hyperbarics!


I am a diabetic. After taking an extended walk, I developed a blister which turned into an infection containing both staph and strep infections in my big toe. I was admitted into the hospital for a week stay while I took internal antibiotics to get the infections to settle down. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as quickly as doctors would have expected. I was told repeatedly that the toe would have to be amputated, and only my primary care doctor told me not to remove it unless it was absolutely necessary.

I continued taking internal antibiotics for nearly a month with some improvement, but not much. My podiatrist at the time said the infection had to subside before they could even amputate, a prospect I was dead against to begin with. My infection disease doctor concurred that it was a long shot, and their current goal was to remove the toe before the infection began spreading. There was not much more I could do at the time other than keep my foot propped up, keep taking my antibiotics, and hope for the best.

A friend of ours suggested hyperbaric treatments. I had not heard of it before. My wife dug into hyperbaric treatments and we found Orlando Hyperbarics.

At first, I didn’t put too much faith into it. It seemed entirely too simplistic to just lie in a pressurized tank of pure oxygen for an hour and a half a day to mend wounds. My experience however proved to me that hyperbarics is an incredible medicine.

To give a little more background, nine months previously, due to diabetes I had a venous ulcer. After three months, it finished what healing my body would deliver at the time, and the wound hadn’t fully healed. Within one week of hyperbaric treatments, that is where I found the first definitive proof that it was working. Six months prior, the wound had stopped healing, however I could see the new skin growing. By the end of my twentieth dive, it began growing hair again.

Before the venous ulcer, I had a stroke two years previously. I was highly fortunate to only have minor concentration issues, but any progress on that end ended over a year before. After about twenty dives, I was able to concentrate better, and not become dizzy when too many people tried talking to me at the same time. Again, it helped restart the healing process on something that had gone as far as other medicines, therapies and natural healing could bring me.

I did forty-two dives. Within a week and a half from beginning the treatments, my primary doctor was impressed at the rapid healing of my toe. My then podiatrist said I was not a candidate for hyperbarics, but would sign off on it anyway. I switched podiatrists, and my current podiatrist worked a bit at the toe and (after about thirty treatments) saw little reason to lose the toe. A few days later, my infectious disease doctor said it was miraculous how much the toe had healed. He said it was switching gears from getting the toe ready for amputation, to ensuring it heals totally so I can keep it.

I highly recommend hyperbarics, and am recommending Orlando Hyperbarics to those who may need treatments. I am very happy with the professional and personable staff. Not only did the hyperbarics do more for me than I would have believed, our technician, Alan, made it an enjoyable experience.”


Wanted to let you know that my condition has greatly improved since my series of hyperbaric treatments at your facility. I also wanted to compliment you and your staff especially in accommodating our sporadic schedule due to the necessity of having to drive from the Tampa area. You and your staff were always polite and courteous.

We feel very fortunate that we were able to locate a facility that could provide hyperbaric treatments at a reasonable cost. The treatments were an integral part of my wound care regimen, helping to arrest the aggressive skin necrosis and re-establish blood flow to the area, thereby preventing additional surgeries and accelerating the healing process.

We continue to recommend your facility and the use of hyperbaric treatments in general. Thank you for your care, concern and consideration during this difficult time


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